02 February 2009


I'm a little miffed at my AIM messenger. Over the weekend, every time I signed in, my computer slowed down to the point that I had to restart every hour or so. After rebooting for about the third time on Saturday, AIM decided to go into 'safe mode', which disabled all the plug-ins. I wouldn't choose to have plug-ins if I knew how to disable the damn things in the first place, but 'safe mode' seemed to allow my computer to function normally for the rest of the evening. Cool. When I turned my computer on in the morning on Sunday, I signed into AIM, as I always do, and the messenger loaded up the plug-ins as usual--no more 'safe mode'. The same bullshit happened again (slowing down my computer to a snails pace) and of course, that pissed me off. It doesn't take much, especially in the morning. But, I digress...

I don't chat much on AIM, usually only with Grayson on the weekends and every now and then with Mario or Terry, but the inconvenience pissed me off. I just like to have the darn thing activated even though I don't use it much. The fucker is off right now because I hate the slowness more than I want the messenger I don't use much to slow my surfing down. Why must I be forced to even make that choice? Yeah, I'm MAD. Is it me that's stupid or the messenger?

Well, I won't find out about that today. AIM is off and will stay that way for a while. When I'm ready to try my patience with a lost cause, I'll sign back in. For a minute.

Cyberspace HATES me!

12 January 2009

I'm learning...slowly.

Thanks to Dan, I'm navigating this place a smidge better than the other day. Of course, I have a LONG way to go, but that's okay. I'm not sure how often I'll post entries, however. As long as LiveJournal is up and running, I'll call that place 'home'. Not only that, I pay for it, so yeah.

But, I might find a use for this blog. Eventually. What's one more, right?

07 January 2009

LiveJournal is sick and almost dead.

Okay. I've created a new blog. Now all I need to do is figure out how to import my entire LiveJournal archive here.

Lord, have mercy.