02 February 2009


I'm a little miffed at my AIM messenger. Over the weekend, every time I signed in, my computer slowed down to the point that I had to restart every hour or so. After rebooting for about the third time on Saturday, AIM decided to go into 'safe mode', which disabled all the plug-ins. I wouldn't choose to have plug-ins if I knew how to disable the damn things in the first place, but 'safe mode' seemed to allow my computer to function normally for the rest of the evening. Cool. When I turned my computer on in the morning on Sunday, I signed into AIM, as I always do, and the messenger loaded up the plug-ins as usual--no more 'safe mode'. The same bullshit happened again (slowing down my computer to a snails pace) and of course, that pissed me off. It doesn't take much, especially in the morning. But, I digress...

I don't chat much on AIM, usually only with Grayson on the weekends and every now and then with Mario or Terry, but the inconvenience pissed me off. I just like to have the darn thing activated even though I don't use it much. The fucker is off right now because I hate the slowness more than I want the messenger I don't use much to slow my surfing down. Why must I be forced to even make that choice? Yeah, I'm MAD. Is it me that's stupid or the messenger?

Well, I won't find out about that today. AIM is off and will stay that way for a while. When I'm ready to try my patience with a lost cause, I'll sign back in. For a minute.

Cyberspace HATES me!

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